A Song A Day
Dpat - Bloom
1,147 plays

Dpat - Bloom


JMSN - Love & Pain (Dpat Remix)
151 plays

JMSN - Love & Pain (Dpat Remix)


Bon Iver - Woods (Zeds Dead Remix)
81 plays

Bon Iver - Woods (Zeds Dead Remix)


Oliver Tank - Help You Breathe (Bonus Track)
79 plays

Oliver Tank - Help You Breathe

…great song to watch the fog as it rolls through Los Angeles.  

"Music is like air to me and I just want to help you breathe"


Kartell - Cost Of Love
79 plays

Kartell - Cost Of Love

Sample Source: Cut Glass - Rising Cost of Love


Made In Heights - Wildflowers (Exhale Efreet)
1,577 plays

Made In Heights - Wildflowers (Exhale Efreet)


Ghost Loft - Seconds
69 plays

Ghost Loft - Seconds

… #sexy #electro


A.Chal - Roses on Your Silhouette
99 plays

A.Chal - Roses on Your Silhouette

…new tune from @AlejandroChal is hybrid of dubstep, hip hop & UK bass with traces of alt-rock.



Eagles - Those Shoes
69 plays

Eagles - Those Shoes

Sample Source for:

Beastie Boys - High Plains Drifter  (Album: Paul’s Boutique)
Eric B. & Rakim - Eric B. Never Scared  (Album: Follow The Leader)


JMSN - Alone (Ray Complex Remix)
90 plays

JMSN - Alone (Ray Complex Remix)


JMSN - Alone
110 plays

JMSN - Alone


Jmsn - Something
189 plays

JMSN - Something

Christian Berishaj (stage name JMSN - pronounced Jameson) wrote and produced his debut album Priscilla and also directed the videos accompanying the release.

(via @BlakeLewis)


Lanie Lane - Like Me Meaner
191 plays

Lanie Lane - Like Me Meaner

… #Sexy #SoulfulSundays 


60 plays

Digits - So Cold


Active Child - Playing House (feat. How to Dress Well)
280 plays

Active Child - Playing House (Ft. How to Dress Well)

…also would have been on my make out playlist in high school. And the one I have now.