A Song A Day
Marvin Gaye - Grapevine (Autograf Remix)
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Marvin Gaye - Grapevine (Autograf Remix)

…As much as I love Marvin, Grapevine is one of those classics, to me, that has been so over-used/over-played that it is difficult for me to enjoy listening to it anymore.  If for nothing else, I appreciate this remix for making it interesting again.


Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons - Sherry
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The Four Seasons - Sherry  (c.1962)

…I saw Jersey Boys - The Story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons tonight in London.  Great show.


Chicago - Stay The Night
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Chicago - Stay The Night  (c.1984)

Chicago is an American rock band formed in 1967 in Chicago, Illinois. The self-described “rock and roll band with horns” began as a politically charged, sometimes experimental, rock band and later moved to a predominantly softer sound, generating several hit ballads. The group had a steady stream of hits throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Second only to The Beach Boys in Billboard singles and albums chart success among American bands, Chicago is one of the longest-running and most successful rock groups in history. - wikipedia.org


The Fascinations - Girls Are Out To Get You
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The FascinationsGirls Are Out To Get You

The Fascinations were an American pop vocal group most active in the mid-1960s. They are best remembered for the Curtis Mayfield-penned hit “Girls Are Out To Get You”, a minor pop hit in the US in 1967 that was re-released in the UK in 1971, where it reached the top 40. - wikipedia.org


Paolo Nutini - Let Me Down Easy
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Paolo Nutini - Let Me Down Easy

…Nutini practically turns the Bettye LaVette sample into a duet.


Lester Young, The California Playboys - Wobble Time
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Lester Young & His California Playboys - Wobble Time  (c.1962)


Elbow - One Day Like This
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Elbow - One Day Like This

Elbow live in Glasgow - 06 April 2014 - UK Arena Tour

I’d been looking at the colour changing lights in the ceiling throughout the night with absolutely no idea they’d become an interactive part of the show. 

Throw those curtains wide. One day like this a year would see me right. 


Al Bowlly - Fair And Warmer
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Al Bowlly - Fair And Warmer  (c.1934)

Bowlly is said to be Britain’s first pop star.

Albert Allick Bowlly (7 January 1898 – 17 April 1941) was a Mozambican born South African singer, songwriter, composer and band leader, who became a popular jazz crooner during the British dance band era of the 1930s and later worked in the United States. He recorded more than 1,000 records between 1927 and 1941. His most popular songs include “Midnight, the Stars and You”, “Goodnight, Sweetheart”, “The Very Thought of You”, “Guilty” and “Love Is the Sweetest Thing”. - wikipedia.org


Slim Harpo - Raining In My Heart  (c.1961)
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Slim Harpo - Raining In My Heart  (c.1961)


Slim Harpo - I got love if you want it
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Slim Harpo - I Got Love If You Want It  (c.1957)


The Kinks - Got Love If You Want It
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The Kinks - Got Love If You Want It  (c.1964)

- Slim Harpo Cover


Willie Hutch - Mack Man (Got To Get Over)
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Willie Hutch - Mack Man (Got To Get Over)   c.1973


Tune-Yards - Water Fountain
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Tune-Yards - Water Fountain


Phantogram - Bad Dreams
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Phantogram - Bad Dreams


The Cure - A Strange Day
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The Cure - A Strange Day  (c.1982)

…Recently some friends and I started listening through the Cure discography in chronological order.  This is from their third album, 1982’s Pornography.

Later hailed as one of the key goth rock albums of the ’80s and considered by many hardcore Cure fans to be the band’s best album, Pornography was largely dismissed upon its 1982 release, witheringly reviewed as a leaden slab of whining and moping. The truth, as usual, is somewhere in between: Pornography is much better than most mainstream critics of the time thought, but in retrospect, it’s not the masterpiece some fans have claimed it to be. The overall sound is thick and murky, but too muddy to be effectively atmospheric in the way that the more dynamic Disintegration managed a few years later.  - allmusic.com